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The preference for white-collar workers in sub-health mainly stems from two factors
Update Time : 2019.04.03 View : 1808

With the acceleration of life rhythm and the increase of work pressure, more and more people in the workplace find that their memory is declining and they often lose everything. In fact, this is the manifestation of sub-health. Experts believe that sub-health preferences for white-collar workers are mainly due to two factors: office pollution and lack of exercise.

Relevant data show that 90% of people's time is spent indoors. For white-collar workers, most of the 90% indoor time is office time, and it is known that 76% of white-collar workers are in sub-health. As we all know, office space is mostly people, office supplies are highly dense places, the air is not smooth, indoor decoration and smoking behavior of people, so that the office air can be described as "black smoke". This shows that office workers are mostly in a polluted environment, which includes not only computer radiation pollution, but also formaldehyde, TVOC, benzene and other decoration pollution. In such an environment for a long time, it will not only cause sub-health conditions such as insufficient sleep, mental depression, dizziness and dizziness, but also easily damage the respiratory system and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system of the human body, causing serious diseases such as thrombosis and leukemia.

In addition, office workers spend most of their time in the office, lack of exercise for a long time, making the body resistance and immunity weaker than the general population, which is also an important reason for sub-health preference for white-collar workers. Having sub-health is not only harmful to health, but also harmful to work efficiency and family harmony and happiness. Therefore, white-collar workers need to find solutions as soon as possible, return their own healthy body, improve work efficiency and family happiness.