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About Jiazhili

About Jiazhili

Established in 1995, Shenzhen Jiazhi Lili Automotive Supplies Co., Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive automotive supplies enterprise with more than 200 employees and an operating area of more than 3000 square meters. Business scope covers leather seat set modification, automobile navigation and audio-visual system, upgrade and modification of automobile interior and exterior accessories, automobile anti-theft series, decorative products, American quantum explosion-proof film, rust-proof treatment, professional automobile beauty, automobile maintenance, crystal coating and so on. It covers almost all the service items in the automobile aftermarket and operates as many as 10,000 kinds. The company has always pursued the business purpose of "surviving by quality and developing by sincerity", constantly exploring and stepping into the chain operation service system. Cooperate with major 4S stores to provide satisfactory service for customers on automotive products and services. And has self-owned automobile leather seat cover factory and electronic technology factory.

Jiali Automotive Leather Seat Cover Factory was established in 1995, located in Xiangmihu Automobile City. It is the first to import advanced equipment from Japan in China. It provides imported Australian leather, high-quality domestic leather and environmentally friendly leather. After strict processing, it has provided leather seat Upgrade Kits for various automobile dealers in Shenzhen. Carrie leather seats are exported to Hong Kong and other overseas areas. It is one of the largest automotive leather seat covers factories in Shenzhen. Based in Shenzhen, the company has set up dermal seat covers in Beijing, Dongguan, Hainan and other places, and radiated major cities throughout the country in a mature way to establish offices to provide efficient landing services for the needs of customers.

Shenzhen Cheyile Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, located in Baoan, Shenzhen, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, design, production and sales of automotive electronic products; its main products are vehicle-mounted video entertainment navigation system, original car screen upgrade, 360 panoramic monitoring products, backseat entertainment system, driving recorder, electric tailgate, reversing radar and other series of automobiles. Electronic product.